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Step into the light, feel the Costa del Sol...

With more than 70 world-class golf courses, the Costa del Sol has been dubbed the Costa del Golf, a prime destination for sports holidays!

Situated midway between the sea and the mountains, with 325 days of sun a year and an average annual temperature in the 20°Cs, the Costa del Sol promises perfect playing conditions all year round.

A round of golf in stunning surroundings

The diverse range of courses from some of the world’s top designers will make you want to revisit, so you can discover even more. Diversity is one of the defining characteristics of the Costa del Golf, with backdrops of the Mediterranean, the mountains and white villages. Personal service, tailored to every group and every player, as well as excellent facilities where clubhouses become the epicentre of social life before and after each game, also combine to make the Costa del Golf the perfect destination for play. Download our ebook below for a 35-page guide on all 70 golf courses in the Costa del Sol.

Much more than golf

If anything characterises the Costa del Sol, it’s the limitless array of activities on offer. Extending far beyond the golf course, the wide variety of choice to indulge your pleasures gives our destination notable appeal. After a day of golf, you won’t be short on options for experiencing the local culture and enjoying your leisure time. From feeling the warm sand beneath your feet and taking a dip in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, to strolling along the coastal promenades and exploring white hill-top villages with their shops and cafes.

And then, of course, there’s the incredible gastronomy, defined by its combination of traditional dishes and avant-garde twists. Complementing the cuisine is the dynamic night life. As the sun sets over the Costa del Sol, the seafront promenades, marinas, beach clubs, bars and pubs in the city centres come to life, creating the perfect end to the day.

The Costa del Sol is a unique destination focused on golf and leisure time. All coming together to make the Costa del Sol, also known as the Costa del Golf, the favourite golfing destination in Europe.

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